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I practice Noel Tyl's method of psychologically-based astrology.  Working together, my clients and I identify their strengths and challenges, and productive ways to resolve significant issues suggested in the horoscope.   The resulting increased self-awareness gives my clients the personal validation they need in order to feel more encouraged, focused and ready to succeed.

I emphasize the use of your own free will and motivation to maximize your best potentials in all areas of life, including relationship dynamics, personal goal-setting, and career. I am available for individual consultations and a limited number of group events:

Individual consultations are available for $90.00 either in person in the greater San Jose,  California area, or by telephone (you must make and pay for the telephone call).  For a limited time I am offering a discount for clients who     allow me to use their consultations for my course work with Noel Tyl.  Most consultations last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Group events, such as teen parties or charity events, are billed at $150 for one hour, $275 for 2 hours, or $350 for 3 hours.  Group events are generally available only in the greater San Jose, California area.  An additional fee will be charged for appearances outside this area.  I will spend 5 to 15 minutes on each astrological chart (depending on number of participants and total time available).  This service is a light, party-style look at the horoscope, rather than the more in-depth, psychological approach I use for individual consultations.

Contact me at (408) 425-0453 to make arrangements for either of the foregoing services.



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