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Declination-Conversion: No "Accidental" Technique!  – by Donnalyn Kirchner.  This is a link to an article that Noel Tyl invited me to write for publication on his website.

More Declination-Conversion Articles – Links of articles I've written discussing the use of Declination- Conversions

Getting to Node You – by Noel Tyl.  A fascinating article about the Moon's Nodes and relationships!

Donnalyn's Astro-Guide to Venus, Style & Party Fashions – This is a light- hearted look at party fashions that I prepared for two appearances Seventeen Magazine hired me for in connection with its Prom Fashion Show at Macy's in March, 2006.

Ast101 Archive – an archive of my initial posts from the “Ast101" beginners series that I led on the (now defunct) Festival mailing list in the mid-1990s..


Noel Tyl – the website for the world's preeminent astrologer (be sure to check out the wealth of astrological knowledge stored in his three essay sections, as well as his wonderful discussion group!)

Astro*Life Discussion Group at Yahoo! Groups  – an online astrology discussion group I founded, and currently co-moderate.

Don McBroom – is a highest-honors graduate of Noel Tyl's demanding Master's Certification Course, and a really nice guy!

Paula Eisenstein, Astrologer – Paula is a delightful consulting astrologer in Toronto, Canada.

Evolving Door Astrology -- Wendy Guy's fun astrology site, packed with goodies.  Check out the link for wearable zodiac art!

Hiroki Niizato, Astrologer – a wonderful website for an excellent Florida astrologer.

Insightful Astrology – Cyber-home of internet astrologer, Maria Vaiano.  Be sure to check out her internet radio show!

The Living Astrology – The website for the talented New York astrologer, Yasha Yothi.

Zarathu Total Immersion Astrology – Zarathu (aka eric) has a very interesting approach to astrology, using seven broad psychological interaction patterns he refers to as “quotients.”


Major Astrology Events World-Wide -- A list of major astrological conferences around the world.



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