In astrology, Venus symbolizes our sense of style and fashion.  This symbolism derives from the Roman goddess
Venus–known to the Greeks as Aphrodite–who ruled over love, beauty and desire.  In addition to her natural grace and
beauty, she had a magic girdle of finely wrought gold that made her irresistible to all who saw her!  She clothed herself
in rich-colored, beautiful clothes and adorned herself with gorgeous jewelry.  Thus, Venus represents our personal
fashion sense.  She is our internal feminine archetype, and represents our personal ideal of what a woman should be.  
For women this includes our role models, self-image and sense of self-worth.  (For men this represents what they find
attractive in women.)

      In addition to showing our fashion style and beauty sense, Venus in your “natal horoscope” or “birth chart”
symbolizes everything you value; Venus shows what kind of people you like or love (and how you show your feelings for
them), what kind of possessions you find valuable, and what activities you find worthwhile.  

      Not everyone with your Sun sign has the same Venus sign you do.  For each Sun sign there are five possible
Venus signs.  (If you don’t know what sign your Venus is in, you can find out by going to the “Free Charts” section at  By looking at the specific combination of zodiac signs for our Sun and Venus, we can explore what
beauty means to us, and get insights into what fashion styles might work best for us.  While other features of our
horoscopes may also shed light on our sense of style (there are 7 other planets and the Moon to consider), our Venus
sign–as illuminated by our Sun sign–provides our prime design directive!

     1.        Venus in Aries

     Aries is ruled by the Roman warrior god Mars.  Mars rules springtime (“March” is named after him), and thus carries
the symbolism of seeds striving toward sunlight, new growth and initiation.  It is the most active of the twelve signs.  

     Keywords for Aries include “enthusiasm,” “motivation” and “passion.”  Planets in Aries tend to manifest their energy
quickly and definitively.   Aries is assertive and focused on getting what it wants, achieving its goals, and conquering its
world.  Women with Venus in Aries immediately know whether they like someone they’ve just met–and they are not shy
about letting it show!  

     Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Aries – “Fascinating Flirt.”  Pairing playful styles with bold colors brings out the fun
in these style leaders.  And a wild or innovative hairdo can seal the deal!  Famous women with this combination include:  
Jennifer Aniston; Mia Farrow; and Shakira.

     Sun in Pisces, Venus in Aries – “Entrancing Minx.”  Flirty fashions with an artistic touch work well for these
assertive darlings.  Off the shoulder or draped necklines are particularly becoming!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Queen Latifah; Eva Longoria; and Carrie Underwood.

     Sun in Aries, Venus in Aries – “Fashion Forward Fille.”  This combination calls for trend-setting fashions that
capture the eye.  These double-Aries ladies can carry off daring designs and dramatic colors–especially red–with
aplomb!  Famous women with this combination include: Mariah Carey; Marcia Cross; Mandy Moore; and Sarah Jessica

     Sun in Taurus, Venus in Aries – “Chic Siren.”  Combining vibrant colors with elegant lines and luxurious fabrics
give these sensuous women the “it” factor.  With a sleek up-to-date hairstyle the effect is a knock-out!  Famous women
with this combination include:  Arissa Hill, Janet Jackson; Toyah Wilcox; and Renee Zellweger.

     Sun in Gemini, Venus in Aries – “Vivacious Vixen.”  This ultra-flirtatious combination calls for bright colors,
sheer or peek-a-boo styles, and low v-necklines.  Strappy heels really kick up the vibe!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Fairuza Balk; Marilyn Monroe; Priscilla Presley; and Lea Thompson.

     2.        Venus in Taurus

     Venus feels right at home in Taurus because it is one of the two signs she “rules.”  Like the goddess of beauty and
love, Taurus is drawn to things of beauty and value.  Taurus is the “connoisseur” of the zodiac, with a keen appreciation
for pleasure and the finer things in life.

     Keywords for Taurus include “sensuous,” “loyal” and “stable.”  Planets in Taurus tend to manifest their energy in a
slow and steadfast manner.  Women with Venus in Taurus may take their time deciding who they like.  But once they
decide they like someone, they stick with them through thick and thin!

     Sun in Pisces, Venus in Taurus – “Mona Lisa.”  Soft, dreamy colors and romantic styles showcase the delicate
beauty of this rare combination.  Famous women with this combination include:  Juliette Binoche; and Pasha Grishuk.

     Sun in Aries, Venus in Taurus – “Mighty Aphrodite.”  Warm, dark colors combined with earthy fabrics in striking
styles bring out these dramatic ladies’ sensual fire.  Leather is a superb choice.  Famous women with this combination
include:  Chaka Khan; Sarah Jane Morris; and Paloma Picasso

     Sun in Taurus, Venus in Taurus – “Luxurious Lovely.”  This double dose of Taurus does well with luxurious
“touch me” fabrics, such as satin and velvet, in lush, earthy colors.  Classic lines with few frills are stunning on these
lovely ladies!  Famous women with this combination include: Jessica Alba; Ann-Margret; and Jessica Lange.
     Sun in Gemini, Venus in Taurus – “Ingenious Ingenue.”  Clever styles in jewel-toned colors and lots of
sparkling jewelry bring out these lovely lasses’ wit and charm!  Famous women with this combination include:  Monica
Keena; Lisa Marie; and Alanis Morissette.

     Sun in Cancer, Venus in Taurus – “Classic Beauty.”  Moonlit Venus shines softly in romantic gowns with
understated, but elegant, jewelry.  Pastel colors if blond, black and/or white if dark-haired.  Either way, the effect is
enchanting!  Famous women with this combination include: Princess Diana; Michele Lee; and Liv Tyler.

     3.        Venus in Gemini

     Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and like that messenger of the gods, Gemini likes to communicate with appreciative
listeners far and wide.  Curious Gemini wants to know a little bit about everything and everyone.  Gemini’s quick wit and
curious intellect combine to form a charming style, which often attracts an adoring audience!

     Keywords for Gemini include "charming," "inquisitive," and "versatile."  Planets in Gemini express their energies
quickly, changing often or going in multiple directions at once–this is, after all, the sign of the twins!  Women with Venus
in Gemini can be totally entranced with a certain style (or person!) one day, only to become suddenly infatuated with
another the very next day!

     Sun in Aries, Venus in Gemini – “Lively Lady.”  It takes bright colors and flirty styles to keep up with this
combination’s high spirits.  And lots of glittery accents, too!  Famous women with this combination include:  Jennifer
Garner; and Olivia Hussey.

     Sun in Taurus, Venus in Gemini – “Femme Fatale.”  Hot colors and daring designs suit these high-stylers well.  
And it doesn’t hurt if it shows some skin, too!  Famous women with this combination include: Cher; Carmen Electra; and
Tori Spelling.

     Sun in Gemini, Venus in Gemini  – “Captivating Coquette.”  This double-twin combination calls for an eclectic
style, with lively colors and youthful designs.  Doubling up on fashion elements can be particularly fetching!  Famous
women with this combination include: Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell and Riley Keough.

     Sun in Cancer, Venus in Gemini – “Breathtaking Temptress.”  Casual chic paired with tousled tresses can
lend a sexy allure to this emotionally charged combination!  Famous women with this combination include:  Kim Carnes;
Eva Green; and Jessica Simpson.

     Sun in Leo, Venus in Gemini – “Sassy Sweetheart.”  Jazzy colors and slightly revealing styles bring out the
playfulness of this irreverent combination.  And a fresh flower adds extra charm!  Famous women with this combination
include: Sandra Bullock; Jennifer Lopez; and Rachel Miner.

     4.        Venus in Cancer

     Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and like the Moon, Cancer’s energies are reflective and nurturing.  Because of Cancer’
s acute emotional sensitivity, it sometimes takes on a hard outer shell to protect its vulnerable underside, reminiscent of
its symbol: the crab.

     Keywords for Cancer include “sensitive,” “nurturing,” and “protective.”  Planets in Cancer express their energies
discretely and indirectly.  Like the crab, Cancer often moves in a sideways direction.  Women with Venus in Cancer are
more likely to sidle up to someone they like, testing the waters, rather than make a direct approach.

     Sun in Taurus, Venus in Cancer – “Graceful Maiden.”  Traditional styles in luxurious fabrics, with a simple
strand of pearls brings out this combination’s classic good looks.  Upswept hair adds just the right touch of glamour!  
Famous women with this combination include: Eva Peron; Nicole Brown Simpson; and Amber Tamblyn.

     Sun in Gemini, Venus in Cancer – “Hot Mama.”  Eclectic styles in striking colors, along with flirty high heels give
this combination the zing it deserves.  Sexy chokers or multiple necklaces add extra allure!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Courteney Cox; Angelina Jolie; and Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen

     Sun in Cancer, Venus in Cancer – “Pearl of a Girl.”  The luminous beauty of this pure cancerian combination
shines softly in midnight blues or pearl whites.  Elegant, understated styles add a pleasing air of sophistication to double-
Cancer’s fresh “girl-next-door” look!   Famous women with this combination include:  Kristi Yamaguchi; Phyllis George;
and Marianne Williamson.        

     Sun in Leo, Venus in Cancer – “Moon Kitten.”  Form-fitting satin gowns in pearly white or moonlit silver give
these lovely ladies an enchanting glow.  Upswept hair, and pearls or other understated jewelry, complete an elegant
look!  Famous women with this combination include: Loni Anderson; Halle Berry; and Lisa Kudrow.

     Sun in Virgo, Venus in Cancer – “Glamour Girl.”  Blending gold and silver in a purely sophisticated style brings
out the spellbinding qualities of this Harvest Moon miss!  Famous women with this combination include: Cameron Diaz;
and Rachel Welch.

     5.        Venus in Leo

     Leo is ruled by the Sun.  Like the Sun, Leo radiates warmth and light, naturally gathering admirers.  Leo “the Lion”
commands our attention and respect.  A born performer, Leo easily captivates any audience with a dazzling show.

     Keywords for Leo include “royal,” “dramatic” and “stylish.”  Planets in Leo express their energy with a steady warmth
and commanding presence.  Women with Venus in Leo are likely to show their affections with dramatic flair:  Valentines
and roses, champagne toasts by the fire, and midnight serenades.  And they appreciate those who treat them in the
same grand style!

     Sun in Gemini, Venus in Leo – “Scintillating Starlet.”  This beauty shines wearing red carpet style in just about
any color and fabric.  But the key to a really stunning presentation is hair either tousled or in a half-updo to show off her
glorious mane!  Famous women with this combination include:  Paula Abdul; Nicole Kidman; and Kathleen Turner.

     Sun in Cancer, Venus in Leo – “Mama Lion.”  Sumptuous hairstyles and bust-flattering fashions give this kitty a
voluptuous appeal.  Solid, jewel-toned colors add real star quality!   Famous women with this combination include:  
Pamela Anderson; Lindsay Lohan; and Geri Halliwell (“Ginger Spice”).

     Sun in Leo, Venus in Leo – “Leading Lady.”  Hollywood glamour suits this shining star just fine!   In sequins,
glitter and jewels she’s a real stunner!  Famous women with this combination include: Madonna, Whitney Houston, and
Stephanie Seymour

     Sun in Virgo, Venus in Leo – “Gracious Princess.”  A Romantic style in basic black or rich colors is the perfect
frame for this royal beauty.  And lavish, wavy curls are the crowning touch!  Famous women with this combination
include:  Salma Hayek; Faith Hill; and LeAnn Rimes

     Sun in Libra, Venus in Leo – “Beauty Queen.”  A glamorous gown in rich, royal purple, with a velvet wrap and
real or faux diamonds are befitting this regal beauty.  Even a tiara would not be overkill!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Linda Hamilton; Olivia Newton-John; and Gwyneth Paltrow.

     6.        Venus in Virgo

     Virgo, ruled by analytical Mercury, is akin to the vestal virgins–the sacred priestesses who tended the eternal flame
in ancient Greek temples.  It is the epitome of feminine wisdom and sacred service.  Virgo is often portrayed as a young
woman holding a shaft of wheat to represent the fall harvest, and the process of separating the wheat from the chaff.

     Keywords for Virgo include “helpful,”“insightful” and “selective.”  Planets in Virgo express their energy in a flexible,
yet grounded manner.  Women with Venus in Virgo are highly selective about who they like.  Once they choose
someone as a friend or lover, though, they will move heaven and earth to help that person reach any goal!  

     Sun in Cancer, Venus in Virgo – “Enchanting Madonna.”  Classic styles with feminine lines, but no frills, work best for
this combination.  And while these strong women can handle equally strong colors, it’s the soft, creamy colors that will
steal away their admirers’ hearts!  Famous women with this combination include:  Anjelica Huston; and Linda Ronstadt.

     Sun in Leo, Venus in Virgo – “Sultry Schoolgirl.”  Simple designs in verdant greens or coppery tones, worn with
hair in long cascading waves, bring out this combination’s steamier side!  Famous women with this combination include:  
Rosanna Arquette; Debra Messing; Charlize Theron; and Alicia Witt.

     Sun in Virgo, Venus in Virgo – “Sophisticated Lady.”  The pure Virgo combination can be as selective about
fashion as they are about people.  Fine quality and good value counts.  (Leave it to these ladies to find the best deals
on Prada in town!)  Purity of style is also in order, clean lines and solid colors.  Famous women with this combination
include: Amy Poehler; Luana Piovani; Sophia Loren; and Ingrid Bergman.

     Sun in Libra, Venus in Virgo – “Elegant Minx.”  Simplicity is key to bringing out star quality for this elegant
combination.  Clean lines and vibrant solid colors in fine silk or satin create a stunning look!  Famous women with this
combination include: Heather Locklear; Gwen Stefani; Michelle Trachtenberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

     Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo – “Bright-Eyed Enchantress.”  A basic black dress with high-heeled boots and
artsy gold jewelry brings out the mystery in these secretive ladies!  Famous women with this combination include: Joni
Mitchell; Tara Reid; and Julia Roberts.

     7.        Venus in Libra

     Libra is the other sign ruled by Venus (in addition to Taurus).  In Libra, Venus reaches out to connect with others.  
Because popularity and appreciation from others are often central to Libra’s sense of self-worth, Libra cultivates
pleasing ways and a pleasing appearance.  As suggested by Libra’s symbol–the scales–balance and equality are highly

     Keywords for Libra include “poise,” “balance,” and “harmony.”  Planets in Libra express their energy in a balanced,
thoughtful way.  Women with Venus in Libra are often the peace-makers in relationships.  They show their affection by
bringing beauty and harmony into their loved-ones’ lives.                                

     Sun in Leo, Venus in Libra – “Pretty Princess.”  Velvet and silk tell a story of love for this head-turning
combination.  With tresses curled and only partially pulled back we see a vision of beauty and grace!  Famous women
with this combination include:  Jennie Eisenhower; Susan Saint James; and Shelly Long.

     Sun in Virgo, Venus in Libra – “Perfect Rose.”  A pure white gown with soft gathers and crystalline accents
create a graceful vase for this delicate blossom.  Satiny, ballet slipper style shoes are a perfect match!  Famous women
with this combination include: Tai Babilonia; Gloria Estefan; and Shania Twain.

     Sun in Libra, Venus in Libra – “Ravishing Romantic.”  Ruffles and lace bring out the romance for these classic
beauties, although in truth they can do justice to just about any style!  Famous women with this combination include:
Cheryl Tiegs; Hilary Duff; and Susan Anton.

     Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Libra  – “Lovely Illusionist.”  This chameleon combination can give any style a
designer edginess.  The key to creating a stunning illusion is the eyes; play them up with black mascara and charcoal
shadow.  Famous women with this combination include: Lisa Bonet; Kate Capshaw; and Calista Flockhart.

     Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra – “Beach Babe.”  Halter dresses in bright colors with bangle bracelets and
hoop earrings give these fun-loving beauties retro charm!  Famous women with this combination include:  Vera Fisher;
and Anna Nicole Smith.
     8.        Venus in Scorpio

     Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and like that god of the underworld, Scorpio has a way of getting underneath the surface,
discovering others’ secrets, and working behind the scenes to get what it wants.  Scorpio dislikes change, but when
push really comes to shove it can walk away without looking back!

     Keywords for Scorpio include “secretive,” “persistent” and “intense.”  Planets in Scorpio express their energy
covertly.  Women with Venus in Scorpio often try to capture a love interest’s affection before disclosing her own romantic
designs.  This approach can be perceived as either enigmatic and intriguing, or else obscure and puzzling!

     Sun in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio – “Beguiling Doll.”  In a sleek, silky, peek-a-boo gown, this charmer will really
intrigue her admirers.  Golden strappy sandals, either flat or heeled, complete the look!  Famous women with this
combination include: Lisa Scott-Lee; and Nicole Richie.

     Sun in Libra, Venus in Scorpio – “Sweet Minx.”  Combining black with hot colors in jazzy styles shows off the
wild side of this charged combination!  Famous women with this combination include: Avril Lavigne; and Ashlee Simpson.

     Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio – “Bewitching Vamp.”  A basic little black dress with fishnet stockings and
spike heels suit these alluring women.  Best to go easy on the frills, though; double-Scorpions are too intense for that!  
Famous women with this combination include:  Demi Moore; Brittany Murphy; and Winona Ryder.

     Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio – “Sophisticated Sorceress.”  Jewel-colored, beaded gowns, strapless or
with spaghetti straps, show off these magical gals’ charms!  Famous women with this combination include:  Teri Hatcher;
Katie Holmes; and Felicity Huffman.

     Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Scorpio – “Haute Coquette.”  These stylish ladies make a bold statement in high
impact gowns with exaggerated design elements.  Famous women with this combination include:  Carla Bruni; Annie
Lennox; and Diane von Furstenberg.        
     9.        Venus in Sagittarius

     Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. And like that expansive king of the gods, Sagittarius is eternally searching for Truth
with a capital “T,” all in service of mastering basic precepts of justice and morality. And his jovial ruling planet gives him
confidence that he will find what he seeks!

     Keywords for Sagittarius include “optimistic,” “adventurous” and “candid.”  Planets in Sagittarius express themselves
in an expansive, direct manner.  Women with Venus in Sagittarius seldom hold back in telling friends and loved ones
what they think.  And they can feel hurt if their opinions are not met with appreciative respect.

     Sun in Libra, Venus in Sagittarius – “Agile Angel.”  Racer-back or tank top gown highlight these lively ladies’
sporty side.  Long, layered hair keeps the look ultra-feminine!  Famous women with this rare combination include
Suzanne Somers.        

     Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius – “Nimble Vixen.”  Girly-style dresses in white or soft pastel colors bring
out the feminine side of these lively ladies.  They are particularly fetching in choker necklaces!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Sasha Cohen; and Nicollette Sheridan.

     Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius – “Adventurous Fox.”  Foreign designs are fetching on these
adventurous ladies, and display their love of travel.  Animal prints capture the explorer in them, while sporty looks can
show off their athleticism! Famous women with this combination include:  Christina Aguilera; Kim Basinger; Anne
Hathaway; and Tina Turner

     Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius – “Frontier Rose.”  Rustic styles in earthy tones bring out a wild west
charm in these classy adventuresses!  Famous women with this combination include:  Eliza Dushku; Michelle Stanley;
and Diane Sawyer.

     Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Sagittarius – “Magnetic Temptress.” A simple sheath in metallic or animal print
fabric shows off this combination’s adventuresome spirit!  Famous women with this combination include: Farrah Fawcett;
and Melanie Safka.

     10.        Venus in Capricorn

     Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of authority and duty.  Like Saturn, Capricorn feels duty-bound to maintain
discipline and meet its obligations. But Capricorn is also quite capable of breaking and changing the rules, if careful
consideration shows change is necessary to reaching its goal!

     Keywords for Capricorn include “achievement,” “discipline” and “loving guidance.”  Planets in Capricorn express
their energies slowly but surely.  Women with Venus in Capricorn are likely to have a fairly steady emotional life.  They
tend to view emotions in  practical terms.  While this may seem cold at first, it is only because Capricorn cares so much
that it chooses to control its sartor!

     Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn – “Tantalizing Lady.”  A shimmering silky gown in onyx black or opal white
provide the perfect frame for this classy combination!  Famous women with this combination include:  Bonnie Raitt; and
Lorna Luft.

     Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn – “Adventurous Lady.”  Clean lines in basic black with feminized men’s
accents (such as hot colored hats or pastel ties) bring out the pretty and playful side of this combination!  Famous
women with this combination include:  Tyra Banks; Daryl Hannah; and Brittney Spears.

     Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn  – “Classy Lady.”  A classic tailored style, softened by a pretty color or
just a touch of lacey frill, works well for these double-duty rams!  Famous women with this combination include: Kate
Bosworth; Kristin Kreuk; Diane Keaton; and Faye Dunaway

     Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn – “Fascinating Fox.”  Assymetrical, quirky designs in bright electric colors
suit these innovative girls.  A short, tousled hairdo, perhaps in a daring color, adds extra zing!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Elizabeth Banks; Molly Ringwald; and Irina Slutskaya.

     Sun in Pisces, Venus in Capricorn – “Chimerical Lady.”  This mistress of illusion does best mixing classical with
fanciful to come up with a look of artsy elegance!  Famous women with this combination include:  Cindy Crawford; and
Jennifer Love Hewitt.

     11.        Venus in Aquarius

     Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, and like that god of the sky, Aquarius is fond of wide open spaces.  The
Aquarian love of freedom is legendary; restraint of any kind chafes at Aquarius’ soul.

     Keywords for Aquarius include “innovative,” “eccentric” and “detached.”  Planets in Aquarius express themselves in
unconventional ways.  Women with Venus in Aquarius may seem somewhat aloof in relationships.  It is not that they do
not have deep feelings, but rather that their way of relating is somewhat different than the social norm.  To Venus in
Aquarius, it just seems like the rest of us have some pedestrian hang-ups about love!

     Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius – “Vivacious Adventurer.”  Exotic designs in vibrant colors with quirky
accents fit this carefree combination well.  Add in some funky platform shoes, and you’ve got attention-grabbing style!  
Famous women with this combination include:  Sheila E; and Teri Garr.

     Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius – “Lady Eclectic.”  This combination blends old with new.  Pairing classic
vintage style with daring colors, metallic fabrics or other unusual elements gives these dames an exciting allure!  
Famous women with this combination include: Crystal Gayle; Sienna Miller; and Amanda Peet.

     Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius – “Vibrant Vixen.”  These avant-garde women can carry off eclectic,
asymmetrical styles in electric colors.  Boho fashions are particularly fitting for these free spirits!  Famous women with
this combination include:  Paris Hilton; Sheryl Crow; Mischa Barton; and Oprah Winfrey

     Sun in Pisces, Venus in Aquarius – “Movie Star.”  This glamorous combination is right at home posing on the
red carpet.  Satiny backless gowns with intricate beaded designs and spiked heels show off this starlet’s talents!  
Famous women with this combination include:  Sharon Stone; Vanessa Williams; and Rachel Weisz

     Sun in Aries, Venus in Aquarius – “Captivating Vamp.”  This daring combination brings down the house in
unusual, in-your-face fashions with dramatic accessories!  Famous women with this combination include: Aretha
Franklin; Shirley Jones and Gloria Swanson.

     12.        Venus in Pisces

     Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and like that sea god, Pisces tends to dissolve or simply disregard the manmade “walls”
and psychological barriers designed to keep people separate.  Pisces seeps into others’ hearts, minds and psyches
effortlessly and unobtrusively.

     Keywords for Pisces include “artistic,” “adaptable” and “empathic.”  Planets in Pisces express their energies in a
flowing and somewhat nebulous manner.  Women with Venus in Pisces have a tendency to pick up on their loved-one’s
desires, as if there were no separation between them!
     Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Pisces – “Sophisticated Angel.”  Black and white, or other sharply contrasting
color combinations, along with simple, stately jewelry give an elegant polish to these enigmatic beauties!  Famous
women with this combination include:  Amber Benson; and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

     Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Pisces – “Angelic Enchantress.”  Boho fashions with artsy accents suit this eclectic
combination.  Add in a playful prop (such as a fan or feather boa) to create a signature look!  Famous women with this
combination include:  Geena Davis; and Bridget Fonda.

     Sun in Pisces, Venus in Pisces – “Mesmerizing Mermaid.”  Flowing styles in the colors of the sea show off
these water sprites to full advantage, as do artsy, romantic styles!  Famous women with this combination include:  Drew
Barrymore; Gates McFadden; and Joanne Woodward.

     Sun in Aries, Venus in Pisces – “Divine Model.”  Runway fashions in bright colors with a sleek hairstyle show off
this combination’s perfection.  Add in stylish heels to complete the look!  Famous women with this combination include:  
Victoria Beckham (“Posh Spice”); Celine Dion; and Reese Witherspoon.

     Sun in Taurus, Venus in Pisces – “Mystic Venus.”  Halter or backless designs, natural colors and luxurious
fabrics, paired with crystal jewelry, strike just the right note of feminine mystique!  Famous women with this combination
include: Kelly Clarkson; Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Donnalyn is a former President (‘03-‘05 term) of the South Bay Astrological Society in San Jose, California. Donnalyn
has studied astrology for over 25 years, and has worked with clients for over 3 years.  She has also taught beginning
astrology classes, and lectured on astrological  topics.  She is currently studying for her Master’s Certificate with
internationally renowned astrologer Noel Tyl.  In 2001, Donnalyn founded the AstroLife discussion group at Yahoo!
Groups. She is currently a co-moderator of AstroLife.  You can find Donnalyn on the internet at

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