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A Quick Look at Christopher Reeve’s Accident        

Christopher Reeve’s tragic accident is another example of an event that does not show up particularly well using just
longitudinal charts, but does using declination-conversions.

Before looking at the declination-based measurements, I do want to note one regular, longitudinal measurement that
relates to his accident.  Natally, Reeves had a natal Jupiter-Ascendant square.  At the time of the accident, this square
had progressed by solar arc to activate his Sun (chart ruler).  SA Jupiter was square his Sun by 0* 46’ separating, and
SA Ascendant was conjunct his Sun by 0* 43’ applying.  In other words, the SA Asc/Jupiter midpoint (representing the
natal Ascendant-Jupiter square) was semi-square Reeve’s Sun by just 0* 02’ of arc.  We see a clear correlation to his
accident because Jupiter signifies horses and the Sun signifies the spinal cord (per Rex Bills).  

Natally, Reeve also had Uranus on the cusp of the 12th House squaring Saturn and Neptune in the 3rd House,
suggesting a potential for a paralyzing accidental injury to the spine, particularly in connection with horses, effecting his
communications.  (Uranus signifies accidents, Saturn signifies both the spine and paralysis, the 12th House is another
significator of horses, and the 3rd House signifies communications).  When we look at Reeve’s declination-equivalent
chart, we see that Pluto is also part of the Uranus-Saturn-Neptune square, drastically intensifying this potential for his
accidental injury.  The potential became reality when transiting Pluto conjoined Reeve’s natal Saturn by declination-
equivalent within just 0* 02’ of arc (applying on its retrograde pass), and he was thrown from his horse, causing a
paralyzing injury to his spine.

There were several other significant transits by declination as well, including T Saturn square Mars and T Jupiter
conjoined Mars.  Natally, Reeve’s Mars is in Sagittarius (horses) in the 5th House (horse racing).  Trigger transits
included T Mars square his Moon (ruling his 12th House of critical illness).

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