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How I Became Fascinated with Declination-Conversions

I first learned how to use the declination-conversion technique from Kt Boehrer, both through her book and through
email discussions.  Kt was one of the early pioneers of this technique in modern times.  (My understanding is that the
concept of converting declination to longitude equivalents has been around since Ptolemy’s time.  More information
about the history of this technique is available at

I became fascinated with declination-conversions because it was the only technique I’d found that really reflected an
accident I had when I was 16 that an old astrologer had predicted for that very day (as a “big bump”) many months
before it happened.

The accident happened while I was walking home one day.  The car hit me from behind, throwing me over its hood.  I
landed on my hip and then my face hit the pavement.  My injuries included a concussion, massive tissue damage in my
left leg and right hip (one spot is numb to this day), abrasions on my face and hands, a nasty cut over my right eye, a
hairline fracture on my spine at the base of my neck, and six broken teeth (right in front, unfortunately).  

When I later learned more about astrology I tried to see what the astrologer, Henry Gertsen, had seen.  But nothing ever
seemed to “pop” for that day.  Then I met Kt online, and read her book “Declination: The Other Dimension.”  The
declination-based arcs and transits seemed to practically jump off the page for the day of my accident!

I was born October 27, 1956 at 6:22 a.m. PST in Oakland, California (1Sco45 rising).  The accident occurred in the late
afternoon, around 4 pm, on September 29, 1973.

Using just Longidudinal arcs and transits, my natal Saturn-Pluto square had arced to be roughly semi-square my
Ascendant-Sun conjunction (SA Saturn semisquare Sun 0*25'a, and SA Pluto semi-square Ascendant 0*20's).  But the
only outer planet transit was Uranus conjunct Mercury with an orb of well over 1 degree.

Looking at the declination-based arcs and measurements, we find SA Mercury squaring the MC with an orb of just
0*04'a, SA Venus (12th ruler) quincunx Mars (6th ruler and physical body in general) with NO orb: 0*00', SA Mars
quincunx Neptune (concussion) with an orb of just 0*02'a), and SA Saturn (ruling 3rd House of vehicles) semi-square
Neptune with an orb of 0*19's.

Declination-based transits included T Pluto opposite Sun (0*08') and square Uranus (0*15'); as well as T Uranus
conjunct Mars (0*11') and sesquiquadrate Mercury (0*18) and Pluto (0*05').  These major transits were triggered that
day by, among several other things, T Mars conjunct Pluto (0*01').  In addition to activating my natal Sun-Uranus square
(which occurs in both longitude and declination, but is much tighter in declination), the transits were activating a Mercury-
Pluto square that appears only in the Declination-Equivalent version of my chart.  Pluto rules my Ascendant (health
center, personal appearance) and Mercury represents my mind and mental functioning.  

Taken as a whole, these astrological measurements painted a much clearer picture of my accident than any other
technique I had ever tried.  This has led me to look at other serious accidents using declination-conversions.  Over the
years I have studied many such events and I continually find striking, relevant measurements using declination-
conversions.  The next step is to develop more efficient means for using declination-conversions in astrological

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